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The residence permit

If you are over the age of 16 and you are staying in Monaco for more than three months, or if you wish to establish a residence, you must apply for a residence permit (carte de résident) at the responsible Monegasque authority (section de résidents, Residents Section). If the application is approved, you will first receive a temporary residence permit (carte de résident temporaire). This is valid for one year.

In order to receive the carte de résident temporaire, various conditions must be demonstrably fulfilled. They concern the following information:

Your personal details

If your personal situation differs from the following requirements, it is recommended that you contact the “section des résidents”.

Accepted languages for documents

The Residents Section accepts documents and proofs in the languages:


If the documents or supporting documents are not in one of these languages, they must be presented in a translated form.


When asking for accommodation, it must be proven that it offers sufficient space for all persons who are to live in it. The following shall be accepted as evidence:

You are the owner of a house or apartment.
You are the director or manager of a branch of a company that owns a house or apartment in Monaco.
You have rented a house or apartment.
You live with a close relative, your spouse or your partner.

In concrete, the proof is:

For owners: Sales contract or last electricity bill
For company-owned apartments: notarised title deed
For real estate via an intermediate company: Articles of association of the company, proof of shareholding or certification of your role in the company

If you live with someone (a close relative or your spouse or your partner):

  • Certificate of free accommodation from the third person
  • Rental agreement if the third person has rented the house or apartment
  • Title deed (sales contract), if the third person owns the property


The item “income” checks whether you have sufficient financial resources. These can be:

Income from self-employment
Sufficient savings: Whether your savings are sufficient depends on the assessment of the bank in Monaco that makes the recommendation.
Your spouse or partner has sufficient income.

In concrete, the proof is:

Self-employed persons, managers or directors of a company in Monaco or the surrounding area: a copy of the relevant commercial and industrial register entry or copy of the corresponding Kbis registration entry for companies in France.
In the case of a company founded in Monaco: confirmation from the Business Development Agency of the admissibility of the application on company foundation.

In the case of employment: certificate from the jobcentre authorising employment in Monaco according to personal circumstances:

  • A certificate of employment
  • A request for permission to hire
  • Your work permit
  • The last payslip

For pensioners: Proof of receipt of a pension

Sufficient income of a third person:

  • Confirmation that the third person provides for your livelihood
  • Confirmation that the latter has the necessary financial resources to do so.

In all other cases:

  • Bank reference of a bank in Monaco that you have sufficient resources.
  • Other proof that you have sufficient resources: In this case, it is recommended to contact the Residents Section.

Your personal details

Excerpt from the criminal record: The issuing authority is the state (or the last two states) in which you have lived for the last five years.
Passport or ID (for persons from countries outside the EEA: valid passport with a long-term visa or residence permit for France)
Birth certificate
For married people: marriage certificate
For students: valid student ID
Divorcees: Certificate of divorce, in the case of separated persons: legal certificate of separation

For own children under 16 years:

  • Passport or ID
  • Proof of custody, if applicable
  • Proof of adoption, if applicable
  • Proof of schooling for children attending school outside the principality

Appointment at the Residents Section

When you have gathered all the necessary documents for the application, you must make an appointment with the Residents Section. In the course of this appointment, your application will be examined and recorded. It is important that you bring the original documents with you. You’ll get them back at the end of the appointment.

Note: If the documents are not complete, the application will not be accepted.

Your application will then be reviewed. If it is accepted, you can pick up your residence permit at the Residents Section within six weeks.

If you no longer (want to) live in Monaco, you must return your carte de résidence.

Renewal or extension of the residence permit

In order to extend your Monaco residence permit, you must apply for it. It is important that you renew your residence permit on or before the expiry date.

In addition to the completed application form, you must submit the following documents:

The last two electricity bills for your accommodation
Proof of income, for example:

  • The last payslip
  • Authorisation for a specific occupation
  • Bank reference of a bank in Monaco
  • Valid passport or ID

You must personally submit the completed application form and the required documents to the Residents Section. After the review of the documents, you will be issued a new residence permit.


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