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Real estate agent Monaco Claude Meury

Real Estate Agency Monaco

Our profound knowledge of the industry and experience in property sales distinguish us just as much as our comprehensive range of services. From pricing to marketing and sale, we are at your disposal throughout the process and, in consultation with you, we ensure that we achieve the best possible price for your property in Monaco.

Get to know Claude Meury

Your Real Estate Agency for Monaco with a well-funded target group

Rely on us for your property sales in Monaco and benefit from double know-how, a strong market presence and a target group with high purchasing power thanks to 2 locations, in Monaco and Switzerland. As a modern company, we are state-of-the-art in terms of technology and marketing and use the latest marketing tools to advertise our portfolio of offers in the real estate markets of Europe.

Your Real Estate Agency for Monaco – We ensure the perfect sale of your property in Monaco

We make sure that solvent and trustworthy prospects become aware of your property and take care of the entire sales process for you. Our modern marketing ensures that your property attracts maximum attention and thus increases the chances of a lucrative and quick sale. As real estate agent for Monaco, discretion is an essential part of our company philosophy. Trust in our competence and benefit from our experience in selling real estate! We look forward to including your property in our portfolio and to successfully positioning it on the market. Due to our partnership philosophy, we offer you excellent service and fair conditions without any obligation.

Real Estate Agency Monaco – Our service for your successful property sale

From the initial contact to the sale of your property in Monaco, we stand by your side as a strong and competent partner and take all the work off your shoulders so that we can quickly reach our common goal together. All phases of the sales process are handled by us and implemented according to professional standards.

Real estate agent Monaco

Get to know each other & pricing

Trust is always formed primarily by getting to know each other directly. To be able to sell your property in the best possible way, we will visit you in the first step to view the property and advise you on the options for a property sale.

Real estate agent Monaco

Professional photos

In order to present your property in the best possible light and to emphasize its advantages, we provide a professional image portfolio of your property. This increases the chances that potential buyers will become aware of your property and want to view it.

Real estate agent Monaco

Online Marketing

Your property will be marketed by us online on all real estate portals and thus presented to a large group of buyers. In addition, our highly frequented website ensures that your property is omnipresent and inquiries from potential buyers won't fail to appear for long.

Real estate agent Monaco

Client database

We automatically introduce new properties to our customers, usually by means of a "direct mailing" or by addressing them directly. We also have search requests from existing clients looking for international real estate investments, including in Monaco.

Real estate agent Monaco

"Open House" viewings

An Open House gives prospects the opportunity to get a first impression of the property. For you, this initial contact is concentrated on one day only, during which a first pre-selection of interested parties can be made. Thus, the number of individual viewings is limited to genuinely interested prospects.

Real estate agent Monaco


We organise viewing appointments for prospects, which are of course carried out in consultation with you. During these appointments, we advise prospects comprehensively on all aspects of the advantages of your property and ensure an excellent quality of advice with sensitivity and expertise.

Real estate agent Monaco

Periodical information

We will keep you up to date on the individual steps of your property sale and inform you immediately if there are any new developments. Discretion and loyalty are cornerstones of our company philosophy, which are implemented without compromise. In this way, you can keep a maximum overview with a minimum of effort!

Real estate agent Monaco


The final step in our marketing process as a real estate agent in Monaco is the successful sale of your property at the best possible selling price. We will guide you and the buyer safely and quickly through the sales process and ensure that the sale is legally sound!

Real estate agent Monaco plus


The best service has no value if the conditions are not right. That is why we offer you unbeatable conditions for the sale of your property in Monaco that do not oblige you to anything.

Your benefit with us

Real estate agent Monaco

No exclusivity agreement

You are not obliged to us and can offer and sell your property on your own or through other brokers.

Real estate agent Monaco

No fixed duration

You alone determine the duration of our cooperation and can terminate the brokerage agreement at any time without restrictions.

Real estate agent Monaco

No sale, no costs

100% success-oriented, there is only a standard market commission, and this only in the case of a successful sale by us.

Start your property sale in Monaco with us

Schedule an appointment today and get to know Claude Meury personally. He will be happy to answer all your questions and explain to you in detail the exact procedure up until the successful sale of your property in Monaco.



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