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Settlement status

The principality of Monaco has four categories of residence permit: Temporary (temporaire) Ordinary (ordninaire) Privileged (priviligié) Spouse of a person with Monegasque citizenship (conjoint monégasque) Temporary residence permit This residence permit is issued to all persons who wish to settle in Monaco for the first time. There is no requirement for a previous minimum stay […]

The residence permit

If you are over the age of 16 and you are staying in Monaco for more than three months, or if you wish to establish a residence, you must apply for a residence permit (carte de résident) at the responsible Monegasque authority (section de résidents, Residents Section). If the application is approved, you will first […]

Settlement conditions

The settlement in Monaco is subject to various conditions. These apply both to EU citizens and persons from non-EU states. The basic requirement for applying for a residence permit in Monaco is a residence title. A passport or ID is sufficient for citizens of EEA countries and some third countries, such as San Marino. The […]

Entry and duration of stay

Although photos and tours by webcam can give a good impression of the property, they do not replace a visit to the property. Therefore, even before buying a property, the question arises as to which entry regulations apply to foreigners entering the principality. Although Monaco does not belong to the European Union, a distinction must […]

Viewing of the property

Viewing dates on Sundays and public holidays are unusual in Monaco and therefore extremely rare, as are short-term appointments. Usually, the viewing date is agreed upon one week in advance. It is not recommended to schedule the viewing date during the Formula 1 race period since many salesmen do not stay in the principality during […]

Negotiations on the sales price

Generally, the sales price offered is not negotiable. The maximum room for negotiation is between 5 and 10%. Since the sellers know the value of the property, it is also not recommended to contact two or more agencies to view the same apartment or to obtain a better price. This usually means that you have […]

Payment of the purchase price

If the purchase involves property on the secondary market, the purchase price is paid in the form of a one-off payment. Instalments are not common in Monaco. A purchase on life annuity is possible in Monaco. However, there is a risk that the seller may become very old, which is not uncommon in Monaco, purely […]

Real estate ancillary purchase costs

In addition to the purchase price for a property in Monaco, the following costs are incurred as ancillary costs on the secondary market: Costs for the notary (incl. all fees incurred) amount to 6.5 % of the purchase price Agency or broker commission: 3 % (+ VAT) On the secondary market, you should plan about […]

The role of the notary

The notary acts on behalf of the state. His task is to ensure that the purchase is legal. This concerns the form of the sales contract, its content and further agreements between the two parties. The notarial deed has the same obligations as a final (court) judgment. It protects the interests of both parties.

The purchase process: offers/processing

Negotiations for the purchase of a property in Monaco begin with a written offer. Reputable real estate agents use oral offers only in extremely rare cases. In the so-called “detailed offer” you will receive the exact details of the property. Among other things, it contains the following information: Description Price (Offer) Conditions of purchase Possible […]



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