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Depending on the location and the equipment, one can expect a purchase price of 3.5 million euros for a one-room apartment in Monaco-Ville. From one to multi-digit millions, there are hardly any limits for a property purchase. As Monaco is gladly used by the rich and famous as a second home and summer residence, the demand is accordingly high. Thereby, the prices continuously increase. In 2016, the price per square meter was 41,400 euros according to a study, as reported by “Manager Magazin”. This corresponds to a price increase of 180 percent over the last ten years. A stabilization of the market is predicted, since supply is not growing, but demand remains constant. As in Monaco, and especially in Monaco-Ville, there is no building space available and everything is very densely built, new projects are rarely realized, which is why there is no significant increase in buildings.

Properties in Monaco-Ville Monaco

We are looking for property for sale in Monaco!

  • € 1'670'000
  • 4 bd
  • 2 ba
  • 2300 m²

We are looking for property for sale in Monaco!

  • € 1'250'000
  • 2 bd
  • 2 ba
  • 2340 m²

We are looking for property for sale in Monaco!

  • € 2'190'000
  • 2 bd
  • 2 ba
  • 1870 m²

Buying property in Monaco-Ville Monaco

Buying a property in Monaco-Ville Monaco is rather unbureaucratic, compared to other countries, the purchase of a property in Monaco-Ville Monaco can even be described as easy, as there are hardly any limits such as a second residence quota or similar. Moreover, the advantages as a property owner in Monaco-Ville Monaco are obvious. Read everything you need to know about your property purchase in Monaco in our Monaco Buyer’s Guide. All topics are covered, from the purchase process to taxes and residence status.

Properties Monaco buyers guide

#1 Property Buyer’s Guide Monaco

The ultimate property buyer’s guide for Monaco



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