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Moneghetti Monaco

Moneghetti Monaco

By looking at the sightseeings of Monaco compared to the surface of only two square kilometres, it is amazing what the Monegasque principality has to offer. Thereby, it is not so much about glamour and glory but about the really beautiful parks, botanical gardens and museums that the city state has to offer. Like almost all districts, Moneghetti is not far from the beautiful port area, which is also the district of La Condamine.

The Moneghetti district – Between the Harbour and the Exotic Garden

Moneghetti, with 115,196 square metres, is the fourth largest district and, like Jardin Exotique, runs directly along the French border. The Moneghetti district occupies 0.12 square kilometres or 11.52 hectares. From Moneghetti you can walk to Jardin Exotique and later to La Condamine. One can hardly speak of regular residents in Monaco, many of the inhabitants have their second home here or rent out their luxurious properties temporarily or permanently. It is surely interesting that more than 38,000 people live in the small area of two square kilometres. Thus, Monaco has one of the highest population densities worldwide. No less than 18,944 inhabitants are counted per square kilometre. But the narrowness is hardly noticeable in the streets. More than that, Monaco even enjoys some beautiful gardens and allows itself a lot of land that was specially created for nature.

Every district is marked by the history of the Grimaldis, who since the 50s have given the aristocratic house its splendour. Each district is filled with life, always with a touch of pomp and elegance. Car lovers will not only be amazed here during the Formula One race, as the density of high-priced cars is equally high in Moneghetti Monaco. But even between all the modern and classical buildings, the connection to nature becomes evident. The Grimaldis have been committed to the environment for many decades. So it is not surprising that there are more than two parks on the small land area. Playgrounds for children have also been thought of. This creates a harmonious atmosphere, as everyone can quickly reach one of the wonderful parks by foot and enjoy the view of the lovingly tended plants. There is no part of the city that would be excluded from this. Moneghetti also presents itself in this typical Monegasque look.

The Monegasque people are modern, know about the limited space available to them and are therefore expanding their land on the coast. Another walk leads from Moneghetti to Condamine, the district of the port. Passing historic villas and new buildings of the 70s, streets and alleys mostly lead towards the sea. Here the typical Monegasque market takes place, a public bath is also located directly in front of the expensive yachts. Thus the walk is colourful and varied, leading its visitors to Fontvieille. Here the coast and the land is extended by means of the latest technology.


Traditionally connected: The Sainte-Dévote Chapel

A further sightseeing in Moneghetti is the Sainte-Dévote Chapel. It was built in honour of Saint Devota who is also the patron saint of Monaco. The chapel is dedicated to her. Its first written mention dates back to 1070 and its facade was renovated in 1870, making it another of the Principality’s highlights. Even if simple, the chapel appears noble and yet simple. In Monegasque tradition, the bride of the Prince of Monaco lays her bridal bouquet in the Sainte-Dévote Chapel after the wedding ceremony.


A few days in Monaco – vacation in a luxury hotel

Monaco is characterised by the above-average high income of its inhabitants. The rich and beautiful live and work here. It is a world of celebrities and wealthy business people. The narrow space on which the Monegasques live provides for one of the highest real estate prices worldwide. Even small apartments between 30 and 40 square meters are on the market for no less than a million euros. None of the districts is exempt from this, every district has a high demand, also because the quality of the villas and apartments is correspondingly high. In Moneghetti there are also a few holiday apartments on the market, with a price of at least 100 euros per night. Monaco apartments are exclusively furnished, extremely comfortable and with a little luck, the guests even enjoy the view to the sea and the continuously busy harbour. In the few hotels in Monaco you will of course live luxuriously, only the best hotel chains have found a location here. The prices are accordingly, but comfort and luxury are hard to beat. Those who want to stay a little cheaper can switch to the neighboring Moneghetti – Beausoleil, which is only a few kilometers away and already on French soil.


Luxury vacation at the Hôtel Hermitage Monte Carlo

The Hôtel Hermitage Monte Carlo is a good example of the preservation of historic buildings combined with a modern lifestyle. The hotel, which is under monumental protection, is more like a palace in the style of the Belle Époque. Even during a short stay, guests get a feeling of the Monegasque lifestyle. More than that, the Hermitage Monte-Carlo combines charm and elegance with a priceless view of the sea. From Moneghetti it is only a few minutes’ walk to reach the venerable building. Even from the outside, the 5-star hotel shows itself in architectural perfection. Similar to the Casino Monte Carlo, which also welcomes its guests with a well-kept garden. As a tip: no dress code is expected in the casino. Guests are welcome here, even if they only want to look at the beautiful interior of the casino.

Those who want to complete their vacation with a wellness program are at the right place in the Hotel Hermitage Monte Carlo. Here, exclusive treatments are offered, from body wraps with seaweed to medical examinations. A pool and sun loungers are located on the roof of the hotel, a spectacular panoramic view from the harbour to Moneghetti and the French mountains!


From France to Moneghetti Monaco

The way to Monaco is easy. Because there are regional trains from France to Monaco. The station is underground and runs from the Italian border along the French Riviera. A day ticket with the public transport is recommendable. Alternatively, of course, it is possible to travel by car, but the train is much more comfortable and cheaper.

Properties Moneghetti Monaco

We are looking for property for sale in Monaco!

  • € 1'670'000
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  • 2300 m²

We are looking for property for sale in Monaco!

  • € 1'250'000
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  • 2340 m²

We are looking for property for sale in Monaco!

  • € 2'190'000
  • 2 bd
  • 2 ba
  • 1870 m²


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