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La Rousse / Saint Roman Monaco

La Rousse / Saint Roman Monaco

The city district of La Rousse has an area of 17.69 hectares. That’s 8.7 percent of the area of the principality. La Rousse is located in the north-eastern part of Monaco. La Rousse borders the city districts of Monte Carlo and Larvotto as well as the two French municipalities Beausoleil in the north and Roquebrune-Cap-Martin in the east. La Rousse was created by the spin-off of Monte-Carlo. The name “La Rousse-Saint Roman” is the old name of the district, which can still be found on various websites.

The name of the city district “La Rousse” goes back to the valley La Rousse. This valley extends from the French Beausoleil to the sea. The “backbone” of La Rousse is the Boulevard d’Italie. The townscape is characterized by old villas, new towers and medium-high buildings.

Sightseeing in La Rousse / Saint Roman

As in La Rousse there are several towers, that are skyscrapers, as for example the tower of Saint Roman, these residences are considered as a tourist attraction of La Rousse. Malicious tongues even claim that La Rousse should have become a second “Parisian” La Defense. But this has not come to pass. Nevertheless, the highest building of the principality stands in La Rousse.


Tour Odéon

The Odéon Tower (Tour Odéon) is the most famous sight in the district of La Rousse. With a height of 170 metres, the skyscraper is today the highest building in Monaco. If the tower would belong to France, it would be among the ten highest buildings in France.

The Odéon Tower is the youngest skyscraper in the principality. Because in the mid-1980s, the construction of skyscrapers was prohibited for aesthetic reasons by decree of Rainier III. In 2008, however, Albert II gave the building permission for the tower in principle. On February 12, 2009, the Monegasque parliament approved the project. Thus the construction of the tower could be started in the same year. In 2015 the Tour Odéon, designed by the architect Alexandre Giraldi, was opened.

The Odéon Tower has 49 floors, in which apartments and offices are located. Of the 259 apartments, 157 are social housing, i.e. apartments owned by the state. These are located on the lower floors. 62 apartments belong to the luxury class. They are privately owned and are offered on the property market according to availability. Under the ground, the tower has ten floors with 543 parking spaces. The Tour Odéon also has a spa and wellness centre, a gym and a swimming pool.

In addition to its height, however, the tower has become famous for its penthouse, which extends over five floors with 3,500 square metres. This penthouse is considered to be the most expensive in the world. The price per square metre was quoted as a good 90,000 euros even before the completion of the twin tower.


Chapelle des Carmes

The Chapel of Carmes is actually called the Church of Saint Therese, but is generally called the Chapel of the Carmelites (Chapelle des Carmes). The Chapel of the Carmelites is the most northern church of Monaco and can look back to an eventful history. After the departure of the Carmelites at the end of the 1960s, the church became the property of the principality, which meant the end for the church for the time being, as the old Carmelite Chapel was demolished in 1998. However, the parish got a new chapel, which opened its doors on March 23, 2002, on the site of the old church. The design for the new Chapel of the Carmes was created by the architect Fabrice Notari.

Today’s Chapel of the Carmelites, with a length of 18.30 metres and a width of 10.60 metres, is smaller than the old chapel. But it still offers space for about 200 people. The appearance of the chapel is based on neoclassicism. Inside, the church appears somewhat plain. However, many symbols of the Carmelites can be found. The stained glass windows depict the life of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux. The windows were made by the Monegasque glass-blowing company Fassi Cadet, which also made the windows of the Sainte Dévote church. The organ in the Cavaillé-Coll house dates from the 19th century and is considered a historical monument.


Chapelle de l’Annonciade

The Chapelle de l’Annonciade is about 360 metres from the Chapel of the Carmelites. Although the exact date of its construction is no longer known, it is considered one of the oldest chapels in the principality. It is therefore assumed that it was built before 1500. It is documented that a private chapel was built on the site at the beginning of the 18th century, which was restored in 1878. In 1942 the chapel became state property. The chapel was restored again in the 1970s and reopened to the public in 1980. The church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.


Parc Saint Roman

Parc Saint Roman is a park that surrounds the residence of Parc Saint-Roman. The Saint-Roman residence consists of two buildings, a tower (La Tour) and an eleven-storey building (Les Terrasses). With a height of 108 metres, the Saint-Roman tower is one of the tallest buildings in Monaco. It was completed in the early 1980s, at a time when the construction of skyscrapers was still allowed. Above the underground car park is the swimming pool of the Saint-Roman Residence. The complex itself is of course located in Monaco, but it already borders to France.



The district of La Rousse is a residential area. The proportion of land used for residential purposes is 87 percent. La Rousse, like Les Moneghetti with 89 percent, is thus one of those urban districts that can actually be described as a residential area. In Fontvieille, for example, the proportion of inhabited area is 40 percent.

In addition to this fact, it should also be noted that La Rousse has been one of the districts with the most real estate transactions in recent years. In 2016, for example, 27 percent of sales came from La Rousse, even though the share of residential properties in the urban district is only 17 percent. The square metre prices of La Rousse are considered comparatively moderate for Monaco, averaging a good 30,000 euros (2016).

Properties La Rousse/Saint Roman Monaco

La Rousse / Saint Roman Monaco Cellar buy – Auteuil

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We are looking for property for sale in Monaco!

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  • 2340 m²

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  • 1870 m²


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