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Jardin Exotique Monaco

Jardin Exotique Monaco

Despite its small surface of only 2 square kilometres, Monaco is subdivided into different city districts. One of them is Jardin Exotique, that is also the second biggest district of the city state of Monaco. Basically, Monaco is only the city of Monaco that was originally only divided into three communities. According to the constitution at the beginning of the 20th century, only Monaco Ville, Monte Carlo and La Condamine belonged to it.

With a new structure a new district is created. Jardin Exotique

Those who miss Jardin Exotique here are right, as this city district was only added in the course of the decades. Within the scope of a further division, the districts Fontvieille, Les Moneghetti, Larvotto and La Rousse/Saint Roman were created. The size of the district is easily explained. In 2013, the districts Les Rèvoires and La Colle were merged and this large district was created, which borders directly with France in the west. The new arrangement resulted in a completely new image of Monaco, from which Jardin Exotique with 234.865 m² now emerges as the second biggest district.


Worth seeing: The Exotic Garden in Monaco

On the densely populated land of the principality, each district has its own special characteristics. While the whole world looks to Monaco Ville with its magnificent princely palace and casino lovers look to Monte Carlo, nature lovers quickly find their way to the Exotic Garden in Monaco. The lovingly arranged garden is located not far from the harbour Port Hercules and invites visitors and passers-by to stay here for a few minutes. It can be rightly described as one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe, as there are mainly a lot of exotic plants growing here, which benefit very much from the Mediterranean climate of the French Mediterranean coast.

The very well maintained garden shows the individual plants with signages. Accessible directly from the city centre, the entrance ticket is surprisingly cheap at less than 8 euros. The exotic garden of Monaco lives up to its name, invites visitors with open doors and provides really exotic beautiful hours.


Pure luxury: City district and Exotic Garden at the same time

The Monegasques go to a lot of expense for their Jardin Exotique. While these are the most expensive properties in the world, you can enjoy the luxury of a completely undeveloped 15,000 m² exotic garden. But since in Monaco, above all, the high quality of life is appreciated, the size of the park is basically not surprising. Not only the size of the exotic garden in Monaco is impressive, though. Its many plant species are just as beautiful…

… with no less than 1000 beautiful cactuses and succulents. It is fascinating to see how they have found a new, unfamiliar home here and enchant the guests with their charming flowers. The main flowering time of some succulents is in the middle of winter. So if you go to Monaco in January or February, you will be able to admire this rare experience in the Jardin Exotique. Other kinds of cactuses in turn blossom in spring and summer. The different flowering periods also show how much love and care has been put into the design of the Exotic Garden. No season passes without different plant species opening their delicate petals here.

The mild winds flow over the cliff side of the French coast directly to the Exotic Garden. In this way, the plants, some of which come from far-away regions, are reminded of their home. The intensive care of the plants has ensured that the Jardin Exotique of Monaco even contains specimens from the early years of the garden. None other than Prince Albert I had the Exotic Garden laid out. The ceremonial opening took place in 1933 and was extended 30 years later by a special nursery and a botany centre. So it is not surprising that the Jardin Exotique is one of the most popular visitor magnets of the Monegasque principality.


Unique nature: The Grotto in the Exotic Garden of Monaco

Another highlight in the Jardin Exotique is the Grotte de l’Observatoire. At a depth of 100 metres there is an underground cave with remarkable pictures. Over the decades, stalactite formations have formed along the limestone rocks. They are surrounded by stalactites, columns and natural hangings. A visit is only possible with a guided tour and is included with the entrance ticket for the Jardin Exotique. Monaco is not only a noble and princely house, as the almost smallest country in the world shows again and again. The cave is still used for explorations and research programs. After all, it tells important epochs of the earth history. In the past animal bone remains were found here. This proved that the cave was once inhabited by humans. The grotto in the Exotic Garden is also interesting for climate changes. On the basis of the analyses, climate changes that go back up to 250,000 years can be clearly identified.

Those who stay in the district Jardin Exotique anyway, will reach the famous port of Monte Carlo within a few minutes by walking. Also the Prince’s Palace is located in the immediate proximity. Of course, during a visit to Monaco, one thing should not be missing: The famous Casino of Monaco. A walk also leads to Moneghetti, where the park Princesse Antoinette is located. The ancient olive trees are just as impressive and could already tell a 100 years old history of Monaco. It is worthwhile to come here with children, as a miniature golf course and many playgrounds make sure that the little ones feel at home.


Living and residing in Jardin Exotique

Those who want to settle down in the city district Jardin Exotique in Monaco should have a little more than small change in the pocket. Prices of more than 4 million euros for a 3-room-apartment are quite common. Even an apartment of 35 m² has a price of approximately 1 million euros, which is quite cheap compared to other districts of the city. On the other hand, those who prefer a 40 to 50 square metre weekend apartment directly in the harbour area will have to invest at least 2.3 million euros. The rents in Jardin Exotique are corresponding to these purchase prices. Here, prices start at around 2500 euros for a one-room apartment. This alone makes apartments in Monaco a good investment in the future. There is no vacancy here, as there are enough clients who want to live or spend some holidays in Monaco.

Properties Jardin Exotique Monaco

Jardin Exotique Monaco Apartment buy –

  • € 3'900'000
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  • € 1'670'000
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  • € 1'250'000
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  • 2340 m²

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  • 2 ba
  • 1870 m²


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