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Fontvieille Monaco

Fontvieille Monaco

The district Fontvieille is located in the north of the oldtown of Monaco-City (Monaco Ville) below the “Prince’s Rock”. Fontvieille is the youngest part of the principality and is the southernmost part of the city state. Fontvieille borders the Monegasque districts of Jardin Exotique, La Condamine and Monaco Ville as well as the French border town of Cap-d’Ail.

The city district was created due to the lack of space in the principality. For Fontvieille is not natural land, but artificially filled up terrain. The project of land reclamation began as early as 1966 under Rainer III. In 1981, the present Prince Albert II, then still Hereditary Prince Albert, laid the foundation stone for the new district. Today Fontvieille has an area of 32.95 hectares and is considered the centre of the industrial site of Monaco.

Sightseeing in the Fontvieille district

The roof terrace of the international meeting centre Centre de Rencontres offers a magnificent view of the sea and the marina of Fontvieille (Port de Fontvieille). But it is not only from this roof terrace that the most beautiful postcard motifs of the city are available for a souvenir photo, because Fontvieille probably offers the best postcard-worthy photo motifs of the city in general. The marina is one of the most famous sights of the district. The Grimaldis’ yacht is anchored there along with many other glamorous yachts. The harbour has 275 berths. There are numerous restaurants and shops in its vicinity.

The green lung of the district is a four hectare park with a pond in the middle, populated by ducks and swans. There are thousands of different plants around the pond.


Rose Garden of Princess Grace

Although the Princess Grace Rose Garden (Roseraie Princesse Grace) is located on the grounds of the Fontvieille Landscape Park, it is an independent garden. The rose garden has an area of more than 5,000 square metres, on which around 4,000 rose bushes grow. The path through the garden is lined with contemporary sculptures.


Les Terrasses de Fontvieille

The Terrasses de Fontvieille are an extensive complex built between 1990 and 1992. On the site there is a shopping centre with 36 shops as well as a supermarket, a multi-purpose hall and three museums. On the roof of the shopping centre there is a roof garden, which is open to the public.


Collection de Voitures Ancienne de S.A.S Le Prince de Monaco

In this museum the car collection of Rainer III is exhibited. The car-loving prince began collecting classic cars at the end of the 1950s. Since the collection grew rapidly and the space in the garages of the Prince’s Palace became too small, Rainer III decided to present it publicly in 1993. The nearly 100 cars are exhibited on an area of 5,000 square meters. The spectrum of cars ranges from a De Dion Bouton from 1903 to a Lotus F1 from 1913, and a special highlight is the LEXUS, which was used for the princely wedding in 2011. The collection is continued by Albert II.


Museum of Stamps and Coins of Monaco

The Museum of Stamps and Coins of Monaco (Musée des Timbres et des Monnaies) displays the private collection of stamps and coins of Rainer III. Founded in 1950, the museum is now located in the complex Les Terrasses de Fontvieille and is divided into two rooms. The so-called “large exhibition room” presents the coins of Monaco as well as all Monegasque philatelic publications of the principality from 1885 until today. The “Hall of Rare Stamps” contains special pieces, including, for example, a volume of 5 of the 5 francs of Charles III of Monaco.


Naval Museum Fontvieille

The Naval Museum (Musée Naval) was founded on the passion of one man, Professor Claude Pallanca. The collection includes models of boats, paintings and sea objects from antiquity to the present day. A special exhibit is a funeral boat found in an Egyptian tomb. There are also scale models of famous passenger ships such as the Titanic or the France.


Zoo of Monaco

The zoo of Monaco is located at the south side of the harbour of Fontvieille. It was founded in 1954 by Rainer III. The Monaco Zoo is no ordinary zoo, because the zoo is also home to animals that have been left behind or confiscated by customs. In total, the zoo is home to around 300 animals of about sixty species, such as exotic birds, caimans, turtles, hippos, reptiles or lemurs.


Stade Louis II

The Stade Louis II is the home stadium of the Monegasque football club AS Monaco, which plays in the French football league. The stadium also has an athletics facility, making it a venue for the IAAF Diamond League. The construction of the stadium was commissioned by Prince Rainer III. The opening of the stadium, which is tightly integrated into the surrounding area with residential buildings, was on January 25, 1985.


Église Saint-Nicolas de Fontvieille

For a long time, the St. Nicholas Church in Fontvieille was the youngest religious building in the principality of Monaco. The church was part of the expansion project and was completed in 1989. In 2002 the Carmelite Chapel replaced the Èglise Saint Nicolaus as the youngest religious building in Monaco.


Sculpture trail in Fontvieille

On the sculpture trail you can see numerous exhibits by international artists.


Helicopter flights Fontvieille

Those who want to view Monaco “from above” can have a scenic flight over the principality from the heliport Fontvieeille. But not only scenic flights or scheduled flights to Nizza depart from this heliport. It also serves as a landing site for those who travel to Monaco by helicopter.


Properties in Fontvieille

In terms of property prices, Fontvieille has seen a price increase of 124 percent over the last ten years, according to the international property services company Savills. Since the district has been artificially created, you will not find any old buildings there. However, multi-storey buildings in neo-classical style were built. Of course, properties with a view of the sea and the harbour are special. The district is described as a lively residential and business district. But there are also quiet residential areas. The various residences offer, among other things, a 24/7 concierge service and/or a swimming pool.

Properties Fontvieille Monaco

Fontvieille Monaco Apartment buy – Le Donatello

  • € 2'630'000
  • 2 bd
  • 59 m²

Fontvieille Monaco Apartment buy – Le Donatello

  • € 1'750'000
  • 1 bd
  • 43 m²
Featured Buy Monaco

Fontvieille Monaco Apartment buy – Botticelli

  • € 2'330'000
  • 2 bd
  • 58 m²

Fontvieille Monaco Office buy – Le Thalès

  • € 10'600'000
  • +5 bd
  • 374 m²

We are looking for property for sale in Monaco!

  • € 1'670'000
  • 4 bd
  • 2 ba
  • 2300 m²

We are looking for property for sale in Monaco!

  • € 1'250'000
  • 2 bd
  • 2 ba
  • 2340 m²

We are looking for property for sale in Monaco!

  • € 2'190'000
  • 2 bd
  • 2 ba
  • 1870 m²


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