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Entry and duration of stay

Although photos and tours by webcam can give a good impression of the property, they do not replace a visit to the property. Therefore, even before buying a property, the question arises as to which entry regulations apply to foreigners entering the principality. Although Monaco does not belong to the European Union, a distinction must first be made between EU citizens and non-EU citizens.

EU citizens

Since Monaco is a member of the Schengen Agreement because of its neighbourhood to France, EU citizens can enter Monaco in the same way as any other Schengen state, i.e. without a visa. The entry regulations are based on the 1963 neighbourhood agreement between Monaco and France in the version of June 1, 2007, i.e. the entry regulations for France also apply to Monaco.

Foreign residents from an EU member state can enter Monaco without a visa if a residence permit is registered in their valid national passport.

The maximum stay in Monaco without a visa is 90 days.

Non-EU citizens

People who do not have a passport or ID from an EU member state generally need a visa to enter Monaco.


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