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Condamine Monaco

Condamine Monaco

The district of La Condamine in the principality of Monaco has an area of 29.58 hectares. The district includes the marina Port Hercules, also called Port de Monaco. Historically, Condamine was one of the three municipalities into which the principality was divided under the 1911 constitution. Thus, Condamine is the second oldest region in the principality. In 1917 the municipalities were dissolved. Since then, Monaco consists only of one municipality. Today La Condamine borders on the districts of  Jardin Exotique, Moneghetti, Ravin de Sainte-Dévote and Monte Carlo.

Sightseeing in the La Condamine district

If it’s about the sightseeings of this city district of Monaco, then it is “the harbour, the harbour, the harbour”. As the biggest harbour of Monaco, the Port Hercules, is located in the city district Condamine. Thus, it is not surprising that this one with its luxury yachts is in the spotlight. Additionally, some of today’s city districts have been separated from La Condamine. This is the reason why sometimes, the botanical garden (Jardin Exotique) is still mentioned as an attraction of Condamine. Meanwhile, there is an own city district Jardin Exotique. But this and other “losses” do not make the district unattractive, as the district captivates the hearts with its great location.


Port Hercules

Port Hercules, translated “Hercules Harbour”, is a natural bay that was already used as a port by the Greeks and Romans. The actual construction of the harbour was initiated by Albert I. The construction works started in 1901. The harbour, whose two quays still serve today as main walls, was completed in 1926. As the harbour offered no or only little protection from the strong easterly winds in the bay, two pillars were already built at the beginning of the 20th century for protection. In the 1970s, Rainer III commissioned studies to further improve the port. These led to the construction of a dam as well as a breakwater from lee in front of the two piers. This new bank wall also allows cruise ships with a length of up to 300 meters to dock in the port. Albert II has continued the work begun by his father. Luxury sports boats can now also anchor in the harbour. Today, up to 700 boats can dock in the port.

In Port Hercules there are of course no ordinary boats, but luxurious and sophisticated yachts. A special highlight is the annual Monaco Yacht Show that takes place at the end of September. The price for a day ticket is several hundred euros. The prices for the exhibited yachts are in the three-digit million range. Who may “exhibit” his yacht in Port Hercules is “curated” by the fair operators, because the 125 seats in Port Hercules are extremely sought after.


In the footsteps of the Formula 1

The Monaco Grand Prix is an annual event not only for Formula 1 fans. As the start and finish areas of the city race are located in this district of the city, visitors can follow in the footsteps of the Grand Prix.


Stade Nautique Rainier III

The Stade Nautique Rainier III is a public swimming pool in Port Hercules in Condamine. The outdoor pool was built in 1961. The pool, which is the size of a pool for the Olympic Games, is filled with salt water. In winter, the Stade Nautique Rainier III is transformed into a 1,000 square metre ice rink. The swimming pool became famous thanks to Formula 1, because the race track runs directly past the swimming pool (“swimming pool curve”). In addition, the construction of the swimming pool led to the biggest track modification of the Formula 1 circuit since its establishment in the 1920s.


La Marché de la Condamine

The Market of Condamine (Marché de la Condamine) was founded on November 18, 1880, commissioned by the then Mayor, Count F. Gestaldi. Following the renovation of the market hall, it was “inaugurated” as the new Marché de la Condamine in mid-June 2012 by Prince Albert II and Princess Charlène. As part of the redesign and reorganisation of the market hall, the product range was also brought back to regional offerings. The Marché de la Condamine, which is open all year round, has around 20 dealers in the hall. Numerous flower and vegetable traders and small farmers from the region have their stands in the forecourt of the hall.

But the Marché de la Condamine is not only a sales market. This is because three areas have been set up for the immediate consumption of the products purchased. The Monegasque specialities socca, a flat cake made of chickpea flour, barbajbuns (dumplings) or the bread fougasse can be tasted immediately. By the way, you should not forget to try the cheese.

But it is not only the physical well-being that delights the heart. The market hall and the forecourt are also a popular meeting place for the inhabitants of the principality. Moreover, the market belongs to the cultural heritage of Monaco.


La Condamine in the evening

Once the numerous shops are closed, the district becomes quieter, and an almost picturesque atmosphere spreads through the many winding streets. Moreover, the view of the harbour with its 1000 lights is of course very impressive and romantic.


Strolling and shopping in La Condamine

In the bustling district you can stroll and shop around. Some people even think that the district is the perfect place to wander, stroll and marvel. One of the promenades is the Rue Grimaldi. In the Rue Princesse Caroline, coffee houses invite to stay and watch the hustle and bustle. But a walk through the city district at the harbour captivates not only with many small shops but also with modern architecture in many different facets.


Properties in La Condamine

Beside Monte Carlo, La Condamine belongs to the most expensive city districts of Monaco. This is due to the special location of the city district. The skyscrapers behind the harbour offer a great view to it. But also the Formula 1 track, which runs through La Condamine, makes real estate in this district particularly valuable. According to the international real estate service company Savills, a three-room apartment at the Formula 1 circuit in Monaco is nine times more expensive than in Singapore. Like Monte Carlo, Condamine is also located on a hill, so that there are some impressive views to Monaco. In addition, the district is embedded in a park, which significantly increases the feeling of well-being.

Properties Condamine Monaco

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