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Claude Meury

Claude Meury – Your real estate agent for Monaco

As a real estate agent for Monaco, discretion is an essential part of Claude Meury’s company philosophy. Trust in his competence and benefit from his experience in selling properties! Claude Meury is also happy to include your property in his portfolio and to position it successfully on the market.

Pure passion creates drive

From the very beginning it was clear that Claude Meury, the oldest son of an entrepreneur, would take over and continue the parental company. After completing his studies, Claude Meury started his professional career in his parents’ company. But after only 6 months it became clear that this was not the profession Claude Meury had in mind and he left the company to give his passion the necessary drive.


The cornerstone to realize a crazy idea

Claude Meury discovered his passion for real estate at an early age and began to apply it expertly by buying, renovating and reselling properties, whereby the property itself always played a secondary role. Claude Meury was always fascinated by the locations which give a property its character and charm.

Claude Meury was convinced that you can make something desirable out of any property as long as the location and the surroundings are right, this attitude was the cornerstone to realize a crazy idea.

The first property Claude Meury bought at the age of 24 was, there is no other way to say it, “small and ugly”, but the potential due to the sensational location directly on the Lago Maggiore in the south of Switzerland was unique, the property had direct access to the lake and had a private beach including a boat harbour, this convinced Claude Meury to invest his entire savings in the purchase of the “ugly duckling”.

After a complete renovation and the use of perfect marketing, Claude Meury sold the property after only 6 months for a multiple of the then purchase price.

Further investments in Switzerland followed, including in Basel City, but Claude Meury was always drawn to the south of Switzerland, to the canton of Ticino, precisely in the regions of Locarno and Lugano, where the setting was just right to turn his passion for real estate into reality.


His passion is your gain

After various legal changes such as the secondary residence initiative, private investments on a small scale became rather uninteresting. The question now arose “where to take the passion for real estate?”.

Claude Meury Immobilien GmbH was founded with its headquarters in Basel City. The aim was to commercially offer the skills, talent and experience of Claude Meury as a real estate agent.

Many clients, buyers and sellers, quickly recognized the passion Claude Meury has for real estate and put their trust in him. To cut a long story short, with 500 real estate offers (group) exclusively in the canton of Ticino (Locarno and Lugano), Claude Meury Immobilien GmbH was one of the largest real estate agencies after 3 years.



The passion for real estate and especially for the different regions in Switzerland, Italy, France and Monaco also inspired Claude Meury on various journeys and he was always newly inspired by the different architectural styles.

Claude Meury got caught time and again in Monaco. He was fascinated by the constantly changing impressions that each district of the principality leaves behind, the charm, the atmosphere, the precision and last but not least the passion that Monaco radiates was unique and strongly resembled Switzerland.

As you will certainly notice, the underlying basis of every action of Claude Meury is always passion, so it was only logical to orientate the business activities of Claude Meury Immobilien GmbH internationally and to offer the service also in Monaco.


Pacific Agency Monaco

Since the Monaco real estate market is one of the most sought-after markets for real estate agents worldwide, there are strict laws that regulate the activity of a real estate agent in Monaco. Only agents licensed by the regulatory body in Monaco who operate an agency in Monaco are allowed to offer properties. New agencies may not be opened and the purchase of an existing agency is also subject to certain conditions.

Claude Meury dealt with the current situation and thought about how to not only solve it, but also to convert it into an excellent service for the clients.

The solution was quickly found and Claude Meury Immobilien GmbH entered into a cooperation with Pacific Agency, one of the most well-known real estate agencies in Monaco since 1957.



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