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Carré d'Or Monaco

Carré d’Or Monaco

The Carré d’Or is considered the heart of the Monte Carlo district, as it is the area surrounding the Casino de Monte Carlo. The Carré d’Or is not an own city district of Monaco, but it stands for luxury and glamour of the principality. As already mentioned, the Casino de Monte Carlo, the Place du Casino and also the garden of the casino (Jardin du Casino) belong to the Carré d’Or. The exact borders of the Carré d’Or cannot be clearly determined, as it is an “address with prestige” that is often used by many luxury brands and real estate providers.

If you look at the geographical location of the Carré d’Or very rationally, it is the immediate surroundings of the Place du Casino up to the Avenue de la Costa, the Boulevard du Larvotto is the border towards the sea.

Carré d’Or Sightseeing

If it’s about sightseeing in the Carré d’Or, then it’s about pure luxury. “Pure luxury” refers to nearly all areas of the Carré, as it is one of the most expensive areas of Monaco.


Shopping in Carré d’Or

In the area of the “Golden Square”, as the Carré d’Or is often translated into English – although this name does not exist in the city map of Monaco – there are boutiques of all known and not known luxury brands that offer clothes, shoes, bags, luggage, writing instruments etc. Not to forget the exclusive jewellers that have some European royalty among their customers. Looking at it a little more realistically, the Carré d’Or is THE luxury shopping district in Monaco, i.e. the “Who is who of luxury labels”.


Hotel de Paris Carré d’Or

The Hotel de Paris was opened near the casino in 1863 as the first hotel at the square. The traditional luxury hotel, which is known worldwide, is one of the Leading Hotels of the World. Between 2014 and 2018, The Hotel de Paris was modernized. In December 2018, for example, the new inner courtyard, a green area including luxury boutiques, was opened with 671 square meters. The facade and the hotel lobby in the style of the Belle Époque have been largely preserved. The bronze equestrian statue, which casino visitors touch as a good luck charm, still stands in the lobby. Even the famous glass dome did not have to give way to modernization.

In November 2017 the suite “Princess Grace” of Albert II and Princess Stéphanie was inaugurated in the Hotel de Paris. The Princess Grace Suite is considered the largest and most luxurious suite in the principality. The suite, which extends over two floors (storeys), has 910 square metres, 440 of which are “outside”. Opposite is the suite “Prince Rainier III”. This suite has a rather modest size compared to Princess Grace Suite with 525 square meters. The associated terrace also has only 135 square meters.


Casino de Monte Carlo

Like the Hotel de Paris, the world-famous Casino de Monte Carlo was built on the Plateau des Spélugues, which was renamed Monte Carlo on July 1, 1866. The Casino was opened on February 18, 1863. The architect of the building was Charles Garnier, who also designed and built the Paris Opera. You do not need to play there to visit the casino, as the casino is open for “cultural visits” before gambling begins, except during the times of the Formula 1 race (Grand Prix de Monaco).

To try your luck in the Monte Carlo casino, you must be at least 18 years old and must be able to prove your age with an ID card or passport. In addition, strict attention is paid to compliance with the dress code. You can read these rules on the casino’s website.


Les Jardins du Casino

The Gardens of the Casino (Jardins du Casino), also known as the Garden of the Casino (Jardin du Casino), are located on the Allées des Boulingrins in the immediate vicinity of the Place du Casino. The park is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Be careful, however, if there are major Catholic holidays, the park may be closed. The gardens were designed and created by Edouard André towards the end of the 19th century. In the course of the time, they were redesigned several times. But still today, the park is a quiet oasis for many people in the lively Carré d’Or that invites to stay with its benches.


Jardins de la Petit Afrique

The “Gardens of Little Africa” (Jardins de la Petit Afrique) combine housing and a park, the latter being open to the public. In the park, which is criss-crossed by small streams and watercourses, there are, from a European point of view, “exotic” plants that do not necessarily come from Africa, such as banana plants or palm trees, which do not grow outdoors over here. In the ponds and streams, however, old acquaintances such as ducks or seagulls romp about. Between exotic plants and well-known animals you will find ivy sculptures of species long gone.


Properties Carré d’Or Monaco

The Carré d’Or is undoubtedly the most expensive place in Monaco, as it is located in the heart of Monte Carlo. The exclusive location not far from the casino and in the midst of the luxury shopping district appeals to many investors. The Carré d’Or is and remains an investment of the luxury class in Monaco, also or especially compared to other high-priced districts of the principality. The Carré d’Or is the so-called shop window of Monaco, en francais “la vitrine de Monaco”. This is why the Carré d’Or is always interesting for investors. In 2015, for example, “bargains” for 50,000 euros per square meter were still available in Bouligrins. In Petit Afrique, which was not yet completed at that time, they were already selling apartments in 2015 at a minimum price of 100,000 euros per square metre. Various local real estate agents believe that the trend, not only for Petit Afrique, is on the rise.

The latest real estate project in the Carré d’Or is “One Monte Carlo”. Behind it are luxury apartments in the newly designed Carré d’Or. The prestigious project was inaugurated on February 22, 2019 by Albert II. The complex includes luxury apartments, a conference centre and boutiques of luxury brands. According to the advertisement, this means everything that belongs to a luxury residence, in the original to an “ultra prime location”.

Properties Carré d'Or Monaco

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